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    Yamato Cool Delivery is a frozen delivery service. Please specify the day before the delivery date, as it takes overnight to thaw.

    Please prepare the fruits at home for frozen delivery.

    Please check your email as we will contact you within 24 hours of submission.

    If you do not receive a reply from us, it is possible that your reservation has not been made.

    Please note that changes may be made to the content within one week, but not cancellations.

    In the unlikely event that the cake is damaged, a refund will be issued.

    In the event of delay or failure to deliver goods due to natural disaster, enactment, revision or abolition of laws and regulations, terrorism, major traffic restrictions, suspension of public services, traffic accidents, dispositions based on the exercise of public authority, transportation accidents, labor disputes, suspension of operations of subcontractors, or other circumstances beyond the control of PARTAŞ, we shall not be liable for any compensation for any damages incurred by the customer as a result.

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