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Tokyo Revengers character cake !

Hello! Today I would like to talk about the Tokyo Revengers character cake.

Tokyo Revengers is a very popular manga in which the main character,Hanagaki Takemichi travels back in time and tries to prevent a tragedy with his friends.

The appeal of this manga is the individuality of the characters and their tokko fuku.

The tokko fuku is a symbol of the biker gangs, and the color and design of the tokko fuku indicates the team and status of the biker gang.

Tokyo Revengers character cakes are still popular!

I drew these characters in their tokko-uniforms on a cake!

The cake is coated with whipped cream and the characters are drawn with chocolate pens.

Look at this! The power of this cake! Look at how cool they are!

The most popular character is Sano Manjiro (Mikey). Mikey is the president of Tokyo Manjikai, and his trademark is his blond hair.

We can draw one Mikey cake at 15 cm in length. Mikey alone will be enough to satisfy you, but if you want to make it more luxurious, you can have it with Ryuguji Ken (Draken) in 18cm size!

Draken is Mikey’s childhood friend and vice president. He is a tall, handsome man with a prominent dragon tattoo.

Mikey and Draken are the strongest duo, with a strong sense of fellowship and justice. You will be moved by their friendship.

If you want three of them, please add Hanagaki Takemichi at 21cm.

Hanagaki Takemichi is the main character, who travels back in time and meets Mikey and his friends.

At first, Hanagaki Takemichi is a timid and ordinary businessman, but he grows up to save his past and his friends.

Hanagaki Takemichi’s cake is precious because he doesn’t get a chance to draw it very often!

We can also draw other popular characters such as Keisuke Baji and Matsuno Tihuyu, so please let us know your favorite combination.

Tokyo Revengers character cakes are perfect for birthdays and anniversaries. They are sure to please your fans!

Please see below for more details. We look forward to your order!

Tokyo Revengers characters you would like to draw in the future

Tachibana Hinata

Tachibana Naoto

Mitsuya Takashi

Hayashi Ryohei

Sendo Atsushi

Yamamoto Takuya

Hanma Shuji